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R6 Academy FAQ

What is R6 Academy?

R6 Academy is a community-driven video curation onboarding site for newcomers to Rainbow Six Siege. It is a place where newcomers can learn the latest tips from our incredible community of content creators.

Who is R6 Academy for?

R6 Academy is meant to support the newcomers to Siege or anyone who wants to get better. There is a ton of content on getting better at Siege, and this is going to be a database to help players improve.

Who can share videos?

Anyone. But the creator of the video will always be populated automatically and credited.

Can I share the same video more than once?

No. Once a video has been shared, it will not be able to be re-shared.

Can any video be shared?

Yes, but if it is not Siege related it will be removed. We have mods standing by. While the site is focused on guides and tips videos, you’re not limited to that. Any Siege video is welcomed, but it is strongly encouraged to post helpful guide videos.